Token migration

SINX token migration on Ociswap

SINX token migration on Ociswap ( )

💡 You can now Easily migrate your SINX V1 (old Olympia) to the new V2 (Babylon) token with ONE CLICK. It pops up as you connect with your Radix Wallet on OCI.

Old Olympia Token: sinx, singularityx resource_rdx1t5jnkwz3s6ezuun53s22duad7ezr3gfz3x3v9myuacg42g885q4m04

New Babylon Token: SINX, SingularityX resource_rdx1t5jp9haxx5gh5c30jr46afqr33gh7pm409a4urxvmr765d8fs5wjn7

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