Who created the Star Sailor Art?

The original artist is a radix community member, known for Mr Raccoon username on telegram. He created The Gnome Society and the Raccoon City NFTs on radix too. htomee and Mr Raccoon were both members in The Gnome Society project. Some colour changes were made by the SingularityX team designer Gyebo. After we got some feedback from the community that we have a few traits similar to another NFT collection, we decided to take some steps to remove them and we recreated them.

We got help from another community member known for Enigma username on tg. He created the Roidboiz collection on radix.

After the layers were created htomee and foleri used an art engine, and modified the code according to their own needs to produce the images.

So reaching the final creation was an adventure, but we think it was successful and we tried to meet the needs of our customers based on the feedback.

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