Radix NFT Playground

"All-in-one place for NFTs on Radix." - Stone

Radix NFT Playground is a public telegram group for radix nft lovers. It was created in the spirit of decentralization and freedom so we set up several NFT project owners as full-fledged admins. At Radix NFT Playground, we're all about the wild and wonderful world of NFTs. This is your space to freely share, discuss, and celebrate everything related to NFTs. Whether you're into sharing the latest NFT projects, promoting events, dropping airdrops, or announcing new NFTs, you've found your tribe.

šŸ” Please Note: While this is a space for NFT enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and explore, we emphasize personal responsibility. Nothing here is checked or inspected. Always do your own research, use your best judgment, and practice due diligence.

What you can expect:

šŸ“¢ Promote Your NFTs: Share your NFT projects, art, and collectibles. šŸ“… Event Announcements: Advertise NFT-related events, auctions, and releases. šŸ’° Airdrop Alerts: Notify the community about upcoming airdrops and giveaways. šŸš€ New NFT Discoveries: Announce the latest and greatest NFT releases. šŸ”— Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow NFT enthusiasts, artists, and creators.

šŸ“Œ Guidelines:

  1. Be respectful and kind to fellow members.

  2. No spamming. And promote only if radix project is involved.

  3. One project send max. 1-2 advertisement a day. Don't send the same event every day.

  4. We kindly ask that all discussions and content be in English. This ensures everyone can participate and enjoy the group. Thank you for your understanding!

Remember, your journey in the NFT space is your own. Explore, create, and connect. Just be sure to do your homework and make informed decisions.

šŸš€ Join us at https://t.me/RadixNFTPlayground and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of NFTs! The adventure awaits. šŸŒŸ

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